Treat Cuts

Curacaines 4% Lidocaine formulation works great on minor cuts and skin irritations. Feeling the pain from a small scrape or cut? We have the solution! Apply Curacine to the affected area and you will feel the results. Curacaine partially numbs the skin. Burning and stinging will be reduced which will stop you from rubbing and touching. Most of us seem to touch cuts and skin irritations because they bother us constantly. If you do not feel the irritation we are less likely to touch the affected area. Not touching the irritated area helps prevent additional germs from compounding the problem.

Relives Itching & Pain

Curacaines 4% Lidocaine formula numbs the skin where it counts! When applied to a bite or itchy skin our Curacaine formula will partially numb the affected area and as a result you will not feel the urge to scratch.

How it Works

Curacaine is your one stop treatment for pain due to burns, insect bites, minor cuts, and a wide variety of skin irritations. Curacaine reduces the pain caused by itching and burns and insects bites. The 4% Lidociane active ingredient works to partially numb the affected area which assists in the prevention of touching the affected area.


Instant Relief For

  • Pain & Itching

  • Insect Bites

  • Sunburn

  • Minor Cuts

  • Burns

  • Minor Skin Irritations


What Customer have to Say

I have an allergic reaction to pine needles, if my forearms are exposed to the needles I get a severe rash immediately. I have tried several creams and they just don’t work, until I came across Curacaine. I was cleaning out some pine brush for my wife and ended up getting that rash on my hands and forearms. I remembered I had purchased the Curacaine so I tried it. This has been the best product I have used thus far. I stopped itching and in turn gave it time to heal without it annoying me. Great product.
This is an amazing product! I severely burnt the tips of my fingers on a hot dish out of the oven. I immediately applied the cream and within minutes the throbbing pain disappeared. I would highly recommend this product.